Before we left for tour last month, during practice, we kind of fell into this repurposed version of "New Vision of the Sun". It became a staple in our set for the whole tour. For some reason, we think this is how the song was always meant to be played. We tried to make it a crazy weird rock song and its true life surfaced on its own. I think sometimes songs, and song meanings, reveal themselves after the fact. 

Grooveshark Broadcast

We're having a broadcast session with Grooveshark today. Basically, we curated a playlist comprised of HB tracks and songs we love/have loved. Along with that are some recorded audio of us explaining some of our own songs as well as the feelings we have towards the songs we chose. We can be thought of as radio dj's, kind of. 

Listen in and relax behind that shitty desk you sit at everyday. That's what I have to do. #musiciansatdesks

Release Show

Thank you to everyone that came out to the release show last Saturday. I've never heard a crowd sing along so loud and enthusiastically to our songs like that. It was a wonderful feeling. We'll be booking shows throughout the rest of the summer around the midwest, so check back for more updates. 

And, a huge thanks to John Mark Nelson and Future Monarchs for sharing the night with us. They were both incredible bands to watch.

Learning Kina Ze Swah

Here are the lyrics and soloed vocal tracks from "Truth", to help you understand what we're actually saying. Listen, learn, and sing along at the release show on Saturday, May 31st at Schubas.  

Kina Ze Swah Limited Edition Screen Prints

With much much help from Kayleigh Kueffner, we were able to make screen prints of the Kina Ze Swah cover art for our release show on Saturday, May 31st at Schubas in Chicago.

The deal is, buy a print and you also receive a download code for the album as well as a copy of the vinyl when they arrive! (these will only be available at the release show)