Why Kickstarter? 

There is a handout undertone to Kickstarter that feels…uncomfortable. I challenge you to debate it with someone and not somehow end up grumbling about a certain medical sit-com star. We get it.

However, we are all confident that this system allows us to really harness the thing that has kept The Hudson Branch going all along.  You.  Not just financially but by your, even more valuable, enthusiasm and encouragement.

Why $10,000?

We are confidant that people are still happy to pay for music if they understand the value in what they are buying. The $10,000 budget reflects how we can create the product we want to create with the best value by using the right production staff, studio space and physical materials. During the next few weeks of this Kickstarter campaign we will be making our case for the value of what we've made and want to make. We can make it together.