We have always found ourselves to be strange songwriters. There are always pieces of songs lying around on our computers or fragments from other songs we put away. Sometimes they stick, sometimes they suck, and sometimes this song gets mashed with that and out comes something great.

When we went into the studio to record "You Don't Know Me" and "Do You Want to (Dance)" it was the culmination of a couple of months in reminding ourselves of that lesson.  Practice sessions and live sets were filled with new ideas and sounds being fleshed out, scrapped and twisted. Never sure if you've quite got it, always sure that you've got to keep trying.

The result is just a taste of the energetic soulful material built up in that time.  There is much more to make and you can hear the rest by pre-ordering the new album or buying a reward at our Kickstarter!

You get a free download of YOU DON'T KNOW ME  and DO YOU WANT TO (DANCE)? if you pledge money at any reward level!